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Highlanders Strike Again in CIF Playoffs


    Written By: Meriah Yoakum, The Plaid, Staff Writer

Photos By: Brianna Incontro, The Plaid, Staff Photographer

 On the yard lineGoing into the second round of CIF Playoffs, the Highlanders were in for a battle against the Norco Cougars. After last week’s game, the Highlanders were still fired up from their 17-16 hard-fought win over the Heritage Patriots. Even despite the chill in the air, the crowd was into the game, where the Highlanders pulled off a 33-28 win, against the Cougars.

    Beginning the game, the Highlanders kicked off to the Cougars, where they held their ground defensively. On the Scots’ first drive, junior, Evan Rowe completed a pass to senior, Simon Samarzich, for a 48-yard touchdown, with seven minutes left in the quarter. Senior kicker, Cameron Walker came out and kicked a successful PAT. Throughout the quarter there was great defense seen by both teams.

    Jumpstarting the second quarter, the Highlanders maintained Player catches balltheir performance, as senior, Taj Davis, caught a pass from Rowe and scored a 49-yard touchdown. Upland’s senior, Zahran Manley, was able to make the interception, with one minute left in the half. Nearing the half, with less than a minute on the clock, senior, Cameron Davis received a hand-off from Rowe, which ended in a 55-yard touchdown. With a successful PAT by Walker, the Scots and the Cougars went into halftime, tied up at 21 points.

    Returning back onto the field and two and a half minutes into the quarter, Rowe completed a 48-yard reception to Taj Davis. In the third quarter, defense started to gain momentum. Less than a minute on the clock, Rowe handed off to senior, Cameron Davis, for a 28-yard gain, which set the Highlanders up in scoring position.

    Heading into the last quarter, with 11:14 on the clock, Samarzich received a pass from Rowe and scored a ten-yard-touchdown, his second of the game. Walker then came out to kick his 5th successful PAT of the game. With a minute left in the game, Upland’s junior, Jonathan Flowe, bolted through the Cougar’s defense and sacked the quarterback in the endzone, for a safety. The Cougars managed to recover their “on-side kick.” But Flowe was not going to let the Cougars score. Flowe managed two more quarterback sacks, which saved the Highlanders and helped them win the game, 33-28.

    With this win, the Highlanders now hold a record of 10-2 overall. When asked about the team’s performance, Coach Salter said, “I’m just so proud of the guys. Last week they showed an unbelievable resilience in a game that wasn’t going our way and tonight, they put a full-game together.” In describing the team’s strength, Salter said, “We’ve had some tough battles this year, like the loss to Rancho Cucamonga and things like that, but they have battled back.”

    Upland’s quarterback, Evan Rowe completed ten out of thirteen attempted passes, for 202 yards and three touchdown passes. Seniors, Cameron and Taj Davis both had an outstanding game. Cameron Davis had 222 rushing yards, seven receiving yards and a touchdown. Taj Davis had 100 receiving yards and a touchdown as well. Salter said, “I think the kids have learned how to overcome adversity and that’s the key.”

    The Scots now prepare to take on their next opponent, as they travel to Calabasas to play the Calabasas Coyotes, this Friday night, at 7:00 PM.


Upland's Hard Fought Win


By: Meriah Yoakum; The Plaid, Staff Writer

Photography By: Mrs. S. Little; The Plaid Adviser

   Estevin and his parents Last friday night, the Highlanders returned home to face off with the Chino Hills Huskies. After last week's away game versus the Etiwanda Jase C and his parentsEagles, where they were only able to play half of the game, due to a lightning storm, the Highlanders were hyped to play. For the ninth game of the season, on “Senior Night,” the Highlanders came out victorious over the Huskies, with a score of 42-32.

    At the start of the game, the Scots kicked off to the Huskies, where the SCameron Daviscots stood their ground defensively to obtain the ball. On Upland’s first drive offensively, Rowe completed a pass to Taj Davis for 29-yard touchdown. Junior kicker, Archie Green, came in and kicked a successful PAT. Six minutes into the quarter, Rowe pitched the ball to Cameron Davis who broke through to score a 50-yard touchdown, the second score for the Scots. With seconds left in the quarter, Jonathan Flowe and Justin Flowe ran through the HusSimon Samarzichkies offense, to stop them on the one-yard line, almost receiving a safety call.

    Going into the second quarter, Rowe completed his pass to Cameron Davis, for a 15-yard touchdown, only 23 seconds into the quarter. However, the Huskies were able to up their score to 19, within the quarter. Three minutes left in the quarter, Rowe threws to Eric Zambrano, who caught the pass and ran up the field, ending in a fumble. Luckily, outstanding backup coverage by Simon Samarzich, who recovered the fumble, led to Samarzich scoring a touchdown. At the end of the first half, Upland led the Huskies 28-19.

    Returning onto the field after the Highlander Regiment put on a spectacular show. With seven minutes left in the quarter, Robert Mitchell intercepted a pass from the Huskies and then scored. Unfortunately, it was called back. The Scots still kept possession of the ball and Cameron Davis was able to score a one-yard touchdown, with just under four minutes left, which put the Scots on top, with 35-19 to end the quarter.

    In the final stretch of the game, with 2:41 left on the clock, Upland punted the ball to the Huskies, who then fumbled. Upland’s Kenny Cervantes recovered the ball on the 16-yard line. In the next play, Rowe handed off to Cameron Davis, who scored his fourthTaj Davis runs the ball touchdown of the game. Green came out and kicked his sixth successful PAT of the night. Although the Huskies managed to score 13 more points in the fourth quarter, the Highlanders remained undefeated, with a score of 42-32.

    With this win, the Scots now have a record of 8-1 overall and 4-0 in league. The Highlanders did face a lot of penalties this game and when asked how they would discipline for next week's game, Coach Salter said, “We just have to keep improving. Some of them are great effort and kids are too aggressive and others are just dumb. In order to advance and to keep playing well, we are going to have to eliminate those penalties.”

    Upland’s quarterback, Rowe completed five out of his nine attempted passes, for 92 yards. Cameron Davis had a spectacular performance, as he ran the ball for 189 yards, received the ball for 25 yards and scored four of the touchdowns of the night. Salter said, “Offensively, we played really well and defensively, it was not our best game.”

    The Scots will now focus on their next competitive game, as they travel to their rival, Rancho Cucamonga, this Friday night, at 7:00 PM.



Homecoming 2018: Live From the Red Carpet



2018 Homecoming Queen MacyBy: Gabriella Campo-Poe and Sunny Martin,

The Plaid, Staff Writers

Photography By:

Brianna Incontro

The Plaid, Staff Photographer


     After Upland led the first half of the Varsity Football game, scoring 23 points between the first and second quarters, it was time for the eagerly anticipated Homecoming halftime show. The audience was entertained by performance of our band and the introduction of  the 2018 Homecoming court.

    During the show, the band played the ballad portion of their field performance, while the throne for the Homecoming queen was set up, elsewhere on the field. The Court was escorted onto the field, by their fathers, to a small stage that surrounded the throne. This year’s Homecoming court was comprised of Gia Cabrera, Valerie Cervantes, Skylir Dennis, Audrey Rice, Kendra Rodriguez, Brooklyn Veldman, Marissa Zendejas, and Macy Simpson. Senior, Marissa Zendejas explained what it meant to be on the court, when she Escorted by their fatherssaid, “It was a really good experience to get to know the other girls through the various activities. It was good to be involved in Upland.”

    The 2017 Homecoming Queen, Katarina Arce, crowned the 2018 Homecoming Queen, Macy Simpson, by giving her an oscar, which served to portray the theme, “Live from the Red Carpet.” Senior, Camille Sipple said, “Band was really proud of Macy winning.”

    The annual Homecoming dance was held at the Ontario Convention Center, from 8pm to 11pm, on Saturday night. Decorated in vintage, old-Hollywood style, beautiful white curtains were illuminated by white twinkle lights and guests seemed pleased with the decor. Senior, Dominique Dupar said, “I liked the lights. But the dance floor was too small. It was like dancing in your kitchen.” Senior, Cameron Caliboso said, “I really liked the decorations. But the music could have been better.”



Written by: Anthony Lopez, The Plaid Hall of Fame and Freelance Journalist

Photos by: Rachelle Ignacio, The Plaid Assistant Editor


    Upland has the ballFor the tenth consecutive year, the Upland Highlanders have defeated the Los Osos Grizzlies by virtue of a 45-23 smackdown last Friday night, under the lights, at Upland High School. The victory placed the Highlanders at a season record of six wins and one loss, while relegating the Grizzlies to a season record of three wins and four losses.

    Entering the night, the Highlanders were riding the momentum off of a 35-0 blowout against the Damien Spartans. The momentum was clearly at-hand on Friday night, as the action began quickly on all three sides of the ball for Upland. Offense, defense, and special teams all scored points throughout the night, contributing to the 45 point total.

    The first quarter began with the Grizzlies receiving the opening kick with a touchback. Taking the ball from their own 20-yard line, the Grizzlies were unable to connect a pass on their opening drive, which forced a Los Osos three-and-out. After a 30-yard punt from the Grizzlies, the Highlanders were ready to show what they could do on offense, as they started their opening drive from the 50-yard line. It did not take long for the Highlanders to find paydirt, as Cam Davis scored on a 14-yard touchdown run, with 9:52 remaining in the first. Cameron Walker came out to attempt Archie Green for the PATthe PAT, knocked through the uprights, and gave the Highlanders an early seven to zero lead.

    Archie Green was next in line to score for the Highlanders, as he knocked down a 37-yard field goal to put the Highlanders up 10-0, with five minutes left in the first quarter. The field goal was set up, thanks in part to another unsuccessful offensive drive by the Grizzlies. Prior to the field goal by Green, Upland quarterback, Evan Rowe, completed a wild pass to receiver, Simon Samarzich. Under pressure, Rowe threw the ball, which was tipped by two Los Osos defenders but eventually caught by Samarzich.

    The Grizzlies finally found their way into the endzone just before the end of the first quarter. With 2:13 remaining, Los Osos quarterback, Donovan Smith, completed a 40-yard touchdown pass to receiver, Donta Staten Jr., who was able to punch his way into the endzone. Grizzlies’ kicker, Hanna Moffatt, came onto the field to attemView from the end zonept the PAT, but the kick was blocked. The Highlanders retained a 10-6 lead.

    Perhaps the highlight of the night occurred immediately after the Grizzlies’ touchdown, as Highlanders’ standout, Darrick Knighten, ran it 96 yards, all the way to the house, to score an epic kick-return touchdown. After another successful PAT from Walker, the Highlanders finished the first quarter with a 17-6 lead over the Grizzlies.

    It wasn’t until about halfway through the second quarter that the game saw its next score. With 7:13 remaining in the second, Cam Davis was able score his second touchdown of the night for the Highlanders, thanks to a 10-yard touchdown run. This time on the PAT it was Green, with the successful kick, putting the Highlanders up 24-6.

    After a pleasant halftime show featuring the annual Homecoming night ceremonies, the Highlanders wasted no time in getting their offense back into the endzone. After a few good plays to advance themselves up the field, the Highlanders were able to score another touchdown, with 11:16 remaining in the third. This time, it was another completed pass from Rowe, to Samarzich, for a 20-yard-passing-touchdown play. Green knocked down another PAT and the Highlanders found themselves with a 31 to 6 lead.

    Just a few short seconds later, literally, the Highlanders found themselves in the endzone again. Grizzlies’ quarterback, Donovan Smith, threw an interception to Highlanders’ defensive back, Eric Zambrano, who was able to run it 23 yards back, for the pick-six touchdown, with 11:04 remaining in the third. Green knocked down another PAT, putting Upland up with a hefty 38 to 6 lead.

    The Grizzlies were able to move the ball up the field on their next drive and position themselves enough to be in field goal range. After a series of plays driving up the field, the Grizzlies sent out kicker, Jeremi Massey, to attempt a 27-yard field goal. The kick was good, and with 9:01 left in the penultimate quarter, the Grizzlies were down 9 to 45.

 Davis with the ball
   The final Upland score of the night came, with 5:47 remaining in the third quarter. After a long drive up the field on offense, one that saw a good mixture of passes from Rowe and runs from Davis, the Highlanders’ offense found themselves deep in Grizzlies’ territory. With the Highlanders on the ten-yard line, a quarterback keeper play was called. The Upland offensive line provided the blocks and quarterback, Evan Rowe, was able to pound his way into the endzone. After another successful PAT kick from Archie Green, the score was 45 to 9.

    The final bits of action from the game featured a pair of solid drives and touchdowns from the Grizzlies’ offense. With 4:19 remaining in the third quarter, Los Osos’ running back, Dorian Martin, was able to punch his way into the endzone thanks to a three-yard touchdown run. Moffatt nailed the PAT on this time around, and the score was then 45 to 16.

    Last but not least, the Grizzlies scored the final points of the night with 8:35 remaining in the fourth quarter as Grizzlies’ quarterback, Donovan Smith, was able to knock his way into the endzone on a Hawkins on defenseone-yard quarterback sneak. Moffatt knocked down another PAT for Los Osos, and the final score from Highlanders Stadium was 45 to 23, with the Upland Highlanders taking their sixth victory of the season, third win in a row, and 10th consecutive win over the Grizzlies, dating back to 2009.

    Some noticeable stats from the game include two touchdowns from Highlanders’ running back, Cameron Davis. Highlanders’ kicker, Archie Green, also had an outstanding night as he went 4/4 on PAT’s, 1/1 on field goal attempts, and got two touchbacks on three kickoffs.

    With the victory, the Highlanders now find themselves tied for first with longtime rival, Rancho Cucamonga, in the Baseline League standings. The Highlanders are also now tied for first with Rancho Verde and Los Alamitos in the Division-Two standings. The Upland Highlanders will now gear up for battle against Baseline League opponent, the Etiwanda Eagles, who are coming off of a 42-7 loss against Rancho Cucamonga. The Eagles current season record is made up of four wins and three losses. The Highlanders and Eagles will do battle this upcoming Friday night (10/12) at Etiwanda High School, at 7:00pm.


Damien Defeated. Upland Victorious Once Again.


Written By: Camille Sipple; The Plaid Staff Writer

Photography By: Cameron Sipple; Freelance Photojournalist

Upland vs Damien at Thirty Yard Line
    Anticipation built among the crowd as Upland’s first varsity football league game kicked off last Friday, September 28th, at Damien High School. Following their crushing defeat of El Diamante the previous week, the Highlanders strongly began their first quarter against Damien. To start off the game, senior running-back, Cameron Davis, ran the ball three times for 50 yards, leading to a 17-yard-touchdown run, by junior running-back, Tyevin Ford, for the first points of the game. The PAT, kicked by junior, Archie Green was a success, giving Upland a 7-0 lead against the Spartans early on in the quarter. On Damien’s first offensive drive, senior, Zahran Manley intercepted Damien’s pass and ran it back to Damien’s 34-yard line. To round off the first quarter of the game, Upland quarterback, Evan Rowe completed a 20-yard pass to senior, Simon Samarzich. for the second touchdown of the game. The PAT, kicked by Green, was good once again.Green for the PAT

    Upland continued the onslaught in the second quarter by scoring two more touchdowns of three yards and nine yards by senior, Cameron Davis. The first PAT, by Green, was successful as was senior, Cameron Walker’s PAT, after Davis’ nine-yard TD run. One of Davis’ many highlights of the game was when he hurdled a diving Damien defender. Just before the end of the first half, senior, Robert Mitchell made a big play by sacking Damien’s quarterback. Shortly after, junior, Justin Flowe had a big hit causing a fumble, which was recovered by Manley and returned 35 yards. Upland attempted an unsuccessful field goal, to close out the half,with a 28-0 lead over the Spartans.

    About a minute into the second half, senior, Taj Davis, scored on a 36-yard pass from Rowe. Walker finished off the scoring, with the PAT.

    In the fourth quarter, Damien’s offense found their second wind and attempted a field goal to get on the scoreboard. However, it was blocked by senior, Eric Zambrano, and returned 75 yards by Manley, for a touchdown. The touchdown was called back, due to an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

 Number 7 for Upland down at the 50 yard line  Upland’s overall defense stifled Damien’s offense, keeping them out of the end zone throughout the game. Seniors, Zambrano, Manley and Trevor Haynes led the defense with an interception each. The offense was led by Cameron Davis, who had 163 yards on 18 carries and two touchdowns. When asked about the team’s overall performance, Coach Salter said, “The defense played extremely well” and “At the beginning of the game, the offense moved the ball really well.” For next week’s game, Coach Salter would like to, “Improve on the penalties [they] had” and, “just come out and be a little more aggressive.”

    Senior, Simon Samarzich, said that he thought he “did well,” as an individual player in the game and that, “It was fun scoring a touchdown this week.” As a whole, Samarzich thought that the Highlanders, “played really well” and that, “the  offensive line played outstanding” because they, “were able to run the ball really well.”

    From start to finish, Upland’s first league game was another outstanding success. The Scots are currently preparing to face off against the Los Osos Grizzlies, in Friday’s Homecoming game.


Highlanders Dominate El Diamante Miners 49-0



By: Meriah Yoakum; The Plaid, Staff Writer

Photos By: Auni Muhammad; The Plaid, Staff Photographer

 Davis runs for his first touchdownThis past Friday night, the Upland Highlanders and the

El Diamante Miners matched up for the fifth game of the season. Despite Upland’s loss last week, the Highlanders came back and redeemed themselves with a 49-0 win over the Miners.

     Starting the first quarter, the Highlanders scored a tremendous 100-yard kickoff return by Isaiah Banks. The play brought the stands to its feet, roaring with excitement. Archie Green, junior kicker, came out and kicked a successful PAT. Five and a half minutes into the game, Rowe handed off to Cameron Davis, for a thirty-yard gain. Two drives later and Davis was in the field zone, for the touchdown. As the quarter came to a close, Tyevin Ford received the hand-off, hurdled over an El Diamante player, and gained the first down. The next play set up the highlanders for the third touchdown of the game.Player hurdles El Diamante player

    Heading into the second quarter, the Highlanders we’re still doing spectacular on both sides of the ball. Less than a minute into the quarter, Taj Davis made an outstanding one-handed catch, to move the Scots down the field. Midway through the quarter, Cameron Davis breezed into the end zone for a three-yard touchdown, the second of the game. On defense, Justin Flowe made a crowd “oooing” stop, which pushed the Miners back four yards behind the line of scrimmage. With seconds left in the half, Tyevin Ford made his second touchdown of the night, for five yards. Going into the half, Scots were leading 35-0.

    Returning to the field, after another wonderful band performance, the Scots were quick to continue dominating the ball. Less than one minute into the half, Kyle Thornton intercepted a pass from the Miners and set the Highlanders up for a scoring position. One play later, Rowe completed the pass play to Simon Samarzich, for a 35-yard touchdown. The Scots kept their momentum through the quarter and didn’t allow the Miners to score. A little less than seven minutes into the quarter, sophomore, Julian Dedman received the handoff from sophomore, Cole Boop, and ran for 46-yards. On the next play, Dedman scored a two-yard touchdown, the first of his varsity career. Green kicked his seventh successful PAT and the Highlanders led with a score of 49-0.

    With the win over the Miners, the Highlanders’ record is 4-1, and are ranked 15 in the state of California. When asked how the team prepared differently this week, Coach Salter said, “It was much more intense and shorter practices. I think they were embarrassed by how they played last week and so, they kind’ve bared down on practice.”

    Junior quarterback, Rowe completed 14 out of 19 passes, for 170 yards and one touchdown for the night. Sophomore quarterback, Boop completed one out one passes, for 14 yard. Rowe has a quarterback rating of 118.3 and Boop has a rating of 137.5. Cameron Davis had an outstanding game with 131 rushing yards, nine receiving, and two touchdowns.

     The Scots will now focus on next week's game, as they’re on the road, with the game at Damien, this Friday, at 7:00 PM.


Highlanders Tested By Mission Viejo Diablos


By: Rachelle IgnacioThe Plaid Assist. Editor-in-chief

Photos by: Maya Arredondo, The Plaid, Staff Photographer


  Upland to hike the ball  Upland’s undefeated streak broke after last Friday night’s game, where they were defeated by Mission Viejo, in a score of 41-8. The Highlanders were tested by the Diablos’ consistently aggressive performance on both sides of the ball.

    Following last week’s win against La Mirada, Upland started off the night strong. Only ten seconds into the game, junior, Tyevin Ford completed a 35-yard rush, to kick off the first offensive play. Throughout the first quarter, both teams were able to defensively hold their ground. However, nearing the end of the quarter, Upland’s offense began to slip and execution rates fell.

    In the second quarter, the Highlanders were not able to make Number 3 has the ballmajor progress offensively. However, there were some memorable, defensive plays. After the Diablos’ second touchdown of the night, junior, Justin Flowe blocked the PAT, leaving the score at 13-0. Flowe continued his defensive intensity in the second quarter, by executing a goal-line stop, with less than two minutes left in the half.

    When the Highlanders returned to the field, they looked strong. Less than a minute into the third quarter, the Highlanders scored a safety and finally changed the score on the scoreboard. After a 14-yard rush up the field, senior, Cameron Davis was able to score a 3-yard-rushing touchdown. However, the PAT was blocked.

  pile up of the team  Nearing the end of the night, the Highlanders were not able to close the score gap between the Diablos and themselves. When asked how the game went, Coach Salter said, “I don’t think we played real well. We didn’t execute well and we got beat by a better team.” Coach Salter said of the night’s performance,“We just have to learn from our mistakes and get better.”

    The Highlanders will now prepare for their upcoming home game against the El Diamante Miners, Friday night, at 7 P.M.


 Highlanders Gain Momentum; Beat Wildcats 35-7


By: Rachelle Ignacio; The Plaid Assist. Editor-N-chief


   Highlander fights off opponents. Last Thursday night, the Upland Highlanders and the Redlands East Valley Wildcats faced-off in the second game of the year. With consistent aggressiveness upon both sides of the ball, the Scots undoubtedly finished the night off victorious, with a score of 35-7.

    Jump starting the new school year, the Scots dominated in all aspects of the game throughout the whole night. Kicking off, the Highlanders were able to hold their ground both offensively and defensively. Six minutes into the first quarter, Cameron Davis scored a 14-yard touchdown with help of a great kick-out block by Simon Samarzich. Junior kicker, Archie Green then came out and scored the Scots an extra point on the PAT.

    Going into the second quarter, the Highlanders maintained their performance and Cameron Davis was able to score another touchdown, three minutes into the quarter. By using “ground and pound” offense, the Scots were able to successfully have a big goal-line stand. Nearing the end of the first half, Upland’s Evan Rowe threw a 40-yard pass to Taj Davis, landing the team on the 10-yard line and nearer to the end zone. With less than a minute left in the quarter, Rowe sneaked a 2-yard touchdowNumber 3 running the balln. With a successful PAT by Green, the Scots ended the first half undefeated, with a 21-point lead.

    Coming back onto the field, after another excellent performance by the Upland regiment and color guard, the Highlanders were quick to continue the momentum they had been building from the start of the night. Less than two minutes into the half, Taj Davis received a 35-yard pass from Rowe which quickly raised cheers from the home bleachers. Just a minute later, Rowe threw an 8-yard pass to Taj Davis for the touchdown. Only three downs later, Eric Zambrano intercepted the opposing pass and scored a 24-yard return touchdown. After Green’s fifth successful PAT, Upland raised their lead by 14 points all within the first four minutes of the half.

    Although the Wildcats managed to score within the last minute of the game, the Highlanders remained victorious, with the final score of 35-7. With this victory, the team now holds a 2-0 record and ranks tenth in the state of California. When asked about how the game went, Coach Salter said, “I thought we did well. I think we had a big improvement from last week. I thought we had really good effort and hustle. We ran the ball real well and played good defense, so I think it’s a big step forward from the last game we played.”

 Photo of cheerleaders   Upland’s quarterback, Rowe completed 7 out of his 8 attempted passes, for 106 yards and touchdown, leaving him with a high 166.7 quarterback rating. Cameron Davis also had a solid performance, as he ran the ball 164 yards and scored two of the touchdowns of the night. Salter said, “I thought the offensive line ran really well. Cam Davis ran well. Tyevin Ford blocked really well. We got a lot of pressure on the quarterback with sound defense.”

     The Highlanders will now prepare for their next battle, as the travel to La Mirada this upcoming Friday night, at 7:00 PM.


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