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There are many opportunities to be part of clubs at UHS. Please feel free to contact the Club Advisor or President about the club or stop by during the club's scheduled meeting times.

Click Here to see the UHS clubs calendar

3-D Leadership: build leaders who will make a large impact on school, communities & socials at large

C122, Friday

Advisor: Hynes - President Avithej Reddy

Art Club: to learn about art and discover art style 

K227, Tues/Thurs

Advisor: Enriquez - President Mario Leal

AVID: help avid come together and grow as a family

F161, Mon/Fri

Advisor: Villalobos - President Samantha Cornejo

Book Club: enjoy and discuss classical and modern literature

F158, Monday

Advisor: Gillespie - President Maria Ghatas

Chess Club: to promote chess at UHS

H189, Wednesday

Advisor: Geller - President Charles Bui

College Posse Club: help students fill out applications for college & provide support in their journey

G170, Mon/Thurs

Advisor: Bossano - President Myles Maxie

Computer Science Club: to teacher computer science to all

N255, Monday

Advisor: Brooks - President Milan Stijepovic

Cosmetology Club: skincare and enhance their skills with cosmetology

F161, Tuesday

Advisor: Villalobos - President Daisy Olaya

CSF (California Scholarship Foundation): community service organization

Library, Tuesday

Advisor: Alzamora, Sage - President Ayah Hamdallah

Dance Club: to assist in fundraising on behalf of the dance program to provide opportunities & costume for the students

V264, 1st Monday Monthly

Advisor: Tahajian - President Markiesha McCorvey

Discuss Club: to discuss any topic in a civil/academic manner

H198, Tuesday

Advisor: Ramos - Presidents Maria Lentz, Axel Mora, Helen Skilbred

Dungeons and Dragons Club: to play dungeons and dragons as friends

C112, Tuesday

Advisor: Ingles - President Milan Stijepovic

Education Development Club: to fundraise for the "Room to Read" organization

C123, Tuesday

Advisor: McGee - President Audrey Rice

Era Club: It's a competitive gaming club

H184, Wed/Fri

Advisor: Bock - President Isaiah Aguirre

FIDM Fashion Club: to allow students to discover their style and their fashion industry

G167, 2nd & 4th Thurs Monthly

Advisor: Sabath - President Andres Gonzalez

Future Business Leaders of America: to prepare students for careers in business & compete in competitions

F158, Thursday

Advisor: Gillespie - President Kimberlin Huang

Future Medical Professional Club: to inform students of opportunities in the medical field

G171, Tuesday

Advisor: Grages - President Kelly Vu

Global Aid: to donate to charities from the money obtained through recycling

C124, Friday

Advisor: Kinsey - Presidents Amy Le, Hans Ocampo

GSA (Gay Straight Alliance): to have a safe space for those in the LGBTQ+ community

F158, Tuesday

Advisor: Gillespie - President Elijah Owns

HOSA (Health Occupational Services of America): to provide enrichment in the medical background & services

K226, Tuesday

Advisor: Skaggs/Sliney - President Bijan Farrehyar

Intro to Computerized Technology: teach students the basics of computer repair

G170, Thursday

Advisor: Wood - President Juan Campos

JSA (Junior State of America): to provide a safe space for students to be civically engaged & gain leadership skills

C123, Monday

Advisor: McGee - President Aaysha Memon

JYSEP (Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program) - Serving middle school students of the community

C114, Monday

Advisor: Coffee - President: Seena Golshan

Key Club - Community Service

Library, Thursday

Advisor: Skaggs - President: Danny Del Cid

K-pop Club - To enjoy Korean music

F147, Friday

Advisor: Alzamora - President: Truc Minh Nguyen

Makers Club - To learn how to create items and teach useful skills

N260, Thursday

Advisor: Craig - President: Matthew Locke

M.E.C.H.A - To learn Hispanic cultures; dancing to Hispanic cultures

C109, Thursday

Advisor: Carrasco - President: Annalea Sanchez

National Honor Society - Create enthusiasm for scholarship, service, and promote leadership

K234, Friday

Advisors: Easton/Bennet - President: Gurleen Buttar

New Wave Club - Bible study/ Fellowship

F151, Monday

Advisor: Edmundson - President: Lauren Webber

Orchestra Club - To bring music to the school in orchestral form

C108, Friday

Advisor: Hatch - President: Marlene Manzo

Outdoor Adventure Club - To promote awareness of wilderness conservation by attending outdoor activities

H188, Wednesday

Advisor: Skaggs - President: Izabell Rivera

Polynesian Club - To show Pacific Island cultures and participate in them

C111, Tuesday-Thursday

Advisor: Levi - President: Pattie Piutau

Red Cross Club - To participate in service projects that impact the community

C122, Friday

Advisor: Hynes - President: Su-Khine Min Nwe

Revived Club - To create a strong Christian community at UHS

F145, Thursday

Advisor: Juarez - President: Sofia Gallegos

Robotics Club - To promote S.T.E.M. in Upland High School

N260, Friday

Advisor: Craig - President: Anthony Martinez

Science Club - To perform scientific experiments and represent Upland High

H185, e.o. Thursday

Advisor: Lander - President: Matthew Locke

Speech and Debate - To learn how to advocate and speak

G175, Monday/Wednesday

Advisor: Adams - Presidents: Avithej Reddy, Danika Hochberger, Melissa Vinluan

Stand Out Club - Prayer; Discussing/learning about faith

H192, Monday

Advisor: Salazar - President: Anthony Nuno

Student Senatorial Investigation Committee -Give students an opportunity to develop leadership by picking areas of intrigue to investigate

G170, Tuesday

Advisor: Bossano - President: Myles Maxie

Team HBU - To fundraise and raise awareness of Hepatitis B

G180, Monday

Advisor: Oyler - Presidents: Caitlin Huang, Karen Liu

Torque Club - To promote engineering

H189, Friday

Advisor: Geller - President: Chad Dutra

U-Fitness Club- To promote a healthy lifestyle with fitness and nutrition

H195, Wednesday

Advisor: Morin - President: Christina Boersma

Ukulele and Guitar Club - Play/learn how to play ukulele and guitar

G175, Friday

Advisor: Adams - President: Alessandra Guinto

Varsity Club -  To get more students to games

Library, e.o. Wednesday

Advisor: McNally - President: Rachel Kline

Writers Club - To support, practice, and further love of writing

D133, e.o. Thursday

Advisor: Chiang - President: Kayla Hopper

Young Democrats Club - To discuss social issues

C124, Friday

Advisor: Kinsey - President: Rebecca Norden-Bright

Youtube Appreciation Club - To talk about Youtube & Youtubers & to appreciate them

G180, Thursday

Advisor: Oyler - President: Georgia Monerief

Zoobot Club - To celebrate both plants and animals

K2, K228

Advisor: T. Weatherell - President: Joshua Norgaard