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James Miura

UTV Television, Video Production & Advanced Graphic Design

These courses are designed to provide experiences working in various elements of electronic media. Students work with professional technology and learn how to design graphics, produce videos, and develop qualities required for professional and higher academic environments. Additionally, our students have a unique opportunity to run their own television station (UTV)  that airs to homes in the Upland, Ontario, Claremont, Rancho Cucamonga and Montclair communities.  The program emphasizes techniques such as composition and production procedures required for independent and industrial production. Editing, filming, and design techniques are also incorporated to produce various types of media that include broadcast news, television shows, film festival shorts, highlight videos, public service announcement, music videos, event coverage, commercial advertisements, instructional videos, and the student bulletin. Students that progress through the program have opportunities to participate in various projects that are contracted by campus and/or community organizations. 


In addition to skill building, professional development and participating in community oriented program, students taking video production courses are eligible to receive 3 units of transferable college credits. Video production is also a UC approved elective that meets A-G requirements. 

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James Miura Locker