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Google Suite for Education

Student Google account access

  • The login page will be
  • On the top right of the page, there is a "Sign in" button

Google sign in image

Use the following Email and password



Password (depends on the year the account was created)

  • Created in 2015 or earlier: Gradyear5digitlunchnumber (201812345)
  • Created in 2016-17:  2016uusdsecret - 2017uusdsecret - uusdstudent2016
  • Created in 2017-18: uusdstudent2017 
  • Created in 2018-19 and 2019-20: uusdstudent2018
  • Created later in 2019-2020 : uusdstudent
  • Created in 2020-2021: uusdstudent
  • Use the app button to access google apps
  • Note: if you do not see the app you need to use then click 'more'.Pointing to the google waffle