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A Scope Into This Year’s Science Fair


By: Caylee Park and Lotus Vu, The Plaid, Staff Writers


    Ethan Soto in science fair Upland High School’s annual Science Fair took place on January 31, 2018, in the Lower Library. The fair has been going on for over thirty years and continues to be looked forward to by both students and teachers. Students from each science class were hand-picked by science teachers to enter their project into the event. In total, there were 24 winners, three winners in each of the eight categories. Mr. Morgan, AP Biology and Zoology teacher, was in charge of this year’s fair. When asked about how he felt about this year’s projects, Morgan said, “I was proud of them. I was proud of every student for putting themselves out there. I think we had a lot of great projects, and the judges seemed very complimentary to the participants.”

    A total of 110 projects were entered into the fair, whichThis is a photo of Brandon McMillin took place between periods one through four. The participants were judged by a number of volunteers, from various local organizations, such as the Kiwanis organization. Later that evening, an awards ceremony occurred, which honored the top three participants from each category, thus allowing them to move on to the district level of the competition. As far as the competition this year, first place winner, Ethan Soto said, “I thought that there was a lot of great competition especially in the health and medicine category, and with the competition, it helped me push myself to do better on my project, which really helped me out a lot.” Soto placed first in the Health and Medicine category, which allowed him to move on to the next round of the science fair. In the next round of the competition, he hopes to, “...focus specifically on my project’s broadness and its topic, which is about health, weight loss, exercise, and dieting because this is a topic that America needs to face and deal with in terms of obesity.” Projects dealing with popular issues of today were common throughout the fair.

   This is a photo of the science teachers As far as next year’s science fair, Mr. Morgan said he is, “...looking forward to having more judges next year, making a little more change as far as combining some of the categories together, but mainly more judges and more students.” It would provide students with more competition and a greater chance at success. His overall message to future participants is to, “Shoot for the moon and land on the stars.”


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Boys Basketball Defeats Campbell Hall; Moving onto Final Four


Written by: Anthony Lopez, The Plaid Sports Editor

Photography by: Anthony Lopez, The Plaid Sports Editor


    The Upland Boys’ Varsity Basketball team was able to continue its playoff run as it beat Campbell Hall, 68 to 64, on Tuesday night. The latest win came in round three of the 2018 CIF Division 2AA Playoffs and ensures the Highlanders will now move onto the semi-finals for the first time since 2001.

    Heading into Tuesday night’s game, the Highlanders had already been exceeding expectations and establishing themselves as the best underdog story in 2018. Coming off wins against Colony in round one and Aliso Niguel in round two, both of which were against the odds, the Highlanders came into Tuesday night with newfound confidence and immense momentum.

    The first quarter began sort of slow for both teams, as both teams played well on defense. Upland’s big man up front, Bryce Parker, and stand-out point guard, Gjerard Wilson were the leading scorers throughout the course of the game. Neither team scored above 15 points in the first quarter, however, there were back and forth lead changes, keeping everybody on their toes.

    The second quarter featured much of what the previous ten minutes did. Back and forth lead changes, good defense, and momentum swings for both teams. Parker and Wilson continued to lead in points for Upland. Throughout the quarter, and for the entire game, neither team could gain a huge advantage. No lead exceeded 10 points throughout the game.

    Many Upland fans will tell you the second half featured a score of questionable calls from the referees. Indeed, there were some controversial calls made. Fo Hoching was called for four fouls in the latter parts of the second half, and the Upland team overall, was called for ten team fouls, just in the second half. The controversy was that many of these fouls looked very questionable. High school sports does not have the luxury of instant replay, but if it did, there would be a lot of upset fans talking about this game for a long time. The third quarter featured more of the same, as Upland put up 18 points and Campbell Hall put up 14 points, at the end of the third. The Highlanders held a slight lead heading into the final quarter.

    The final quarter literally came down to the final seconds, as the game was tied most of the final ten minutes. With 3:20 remaining, the score was all tied up 55 to 55 and that’s when it began to sink in that the game was going to come down to whomever had the last possession. Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. The Highlanders had the ball after a Campbell Hall score, with just 13 seconds remaining and the score 64 to 64. Wilson took the pass, ran up the court, zigged and zagged through the defense and scored a layup, to put Upland up by two, as time ran out. BUT WAIT! The refs called another foul! This time on Campbell Hall’s defense, which meant the clock had to be reset to 1.3 seconds. Wilson knocked down the final two shots and increased the score to 68 to 64. With the four points put up by Wilson, Campbell Hall only had under a second to try and make something happen, but it was simply not enough time. With the final buzzer finally ringing, the Highlanders won 68 to 64 and ensured a spot in the CIF Semi Finals, a.k.a, the Final Four. Wilson ended the game with 26 points and Parker ended with 24 points. The two combined for 50 points.

    The next game for the Highlanders is TOMORROW NIGHT (Friday night) at 7:00 pm, right here at Upland High School against Brentwood High. It is round four of the playoffs. The winner moves on to the championship, and the loser goes home till next year. Tickets are $5 for students with ID and $10 for adults.


Signing Day


By: Nailea Castillo, Andrea Sosa and Jessica Carlton, The Plaid, Staff Writers

 On February 7th, 2018, seniors participated in the annual signing day event, where they were commemorated for their achievement in both athletics and academics, and publicly committed to full-ride college offers. Each athlete was given time to express their thanks and future endeavors.

    Senior, Tyani Lowe was the first athlete to be introduced to the large, enthusiastic crowd of friends, family, coaches, and fellow teammates. “Tyani has all sorts of power when she hits. She can hit home runs that are rockets right over the top of the fence,” said the announcer. Tyani will be committing to Bethune-Cookman University, which is located in Daytona Beach, Florida. She thanked her family and friends and said that she plans on majoring in Child Psychology.

    Seniors, Rachel Kline and Madison “Maddie” Soto, from the Girl’s Soccer team, which is ranked fourth in the nation, both committed to schools at this event.

    Senior. Rachel Kline has committed to the University of South Dakota, the Coyotes. ¨My major is going to be biology,” said Kline. “I´m going to study pre-med and hopefully, go to medical school to become a surgeon.” She thanked her family, friends, and team for their continuous support these past four years through both athletics and academics.

    Senior, Madison Soto committed to Green Mountain College to also study pre-med. “She throws up a shutout every game,” said the announcer. “She says,‘Soccer team you guys are the best team I’ve ever had. You make me proud every day.’”

    Next up was senior, Taylor Juline, a member of the Boy’s Baseball team. “Taylor is a pitcher, a catcher, and an outstanding hitter,” said the announcer. Taylor has decided to commit to the University of California Riverside, where he plans on studying Sociology. “I'd like to thank my mom, brother and grandpa for always pushing me to do my best and never missing a game. I'm so grateful for you guys.”

    Five seniors from the football team committed to colleges at this event: Devin Chandler, Jaden Dedman, Elijah Klein, Corey Thomas, and Bryce Walker. Conspicuously absent from the line-up were Seniors, Leshaun Potts and Kyle Jones who, after a successful season, have both both received offers.

    Senior, Leshaun Potts has decided to commit to Arizona Western College. He would like to thank Coach Salter, Coach Travis and Coach Chavez for their support these past four years. His message to young freshmen and sophomore football players, who struggle with academics is, “To fix everything now and not quit because it is not over.” He said he would also like to thank his father and grandfather for being his number one supporters.

    Senior, Kyle Jones has decided to commit to Utah State. Jones said, “First, I want to thank God. If it weren’t for Him, my talents wouldn’t have been recognized. Thank you also to my family members, who believed in me when nobody thought I’d be here. Thank you to the Upland Community for shaping me into the man I am today. Lastly, to all of my teachers, thank you for being there for me when I needed someone to talk to.

    Senior, Jaden Dedman committed to the University of Nevada, Reno, to become a member of the Wolf Pack. “He has so much energy and enthusiasm,” said the announcer. “He is a real team leader... He mixed in well and bonded with the team immediately.” Jaden thanked his mother and father, also his teammates for being there for him throughout all four years of high school.

    Senior, Elijah Klein committed to the University of Texas, El Paso. When being introduced, he was acknowledged for his improvement and hard work. When thanking people, he thanked his parents, grandma and ceramics teacher, Mr.Bruce. Klein said, “UHS has taught me to dig deeper and push myself harder than I ever could.”

    Senior, Corey Thomas committed to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. The announcer introduced him as, “He has the speed of a mustang and he has the power and strength of a mustang.” In college Corey said, “I plan on majoring in construction management and pursuing a career within that.” He thanked his grandma, Nana Sydney, and his father, the Assistant Principal, Mr.Thomas, “For always pushing him to do his best and to never give up.”

    Senior, Bryce Parker committed to Fresno State University. When the announcer introduced him he said, “He has all the attributes that a coach wants, that a team wants.” In college, Parker wants to major in communication. Bryce thanked his brother, cousin, aunts, mom and dad, who were all sitting in the crowd cheering him. On top of that, he thanked Coach Chavez. Walker said,“Mr. Chavez told me basically that he was going to make sure I improve academically and on the field. He always had my back.”

    In the end, the hard work of each and every one of these students’ has finally paid off. “For the past four years, we’ve gone through it all. It’s been four hard years living up to this moment and the dream is finally becoming a reality. We just gotta pursue it.” (Senior, Devin Chandler) The students and staff at Upland High School would like to wish the best of luck to all of our college-bound athletes.  

Lady Scots: Two Blow-Out Games


     By: Rachelle IgnacioThe Plaid, Assist. Sports Editor

    Lady Scotts play basketball Last Tuesday night, the Upland Lady Scots took on the St. Lucy’s Regents during the second round of league. With a consistent aggressiveness on both offense and defense throughout all four quarters, the girls ended the night victorious with a whopping score of 58-17.

    Upland started the night strong as they worked for every rebound and fastbreak. Diamond Bishop held up their  With this immediate consistency, the girls were able to hold the lead with a score of 15-2. The Lady Scots ended the first quarter clean without any team fouls.

    Going into the second quarter, the Highlanders turned up the offense with freshman, Jada Pigoni, scoring 2 three’s within the span of two minutes. Along with this fresh energy, Alexis Sanchez passed several fastbreak assists to her teammates, leaving the Regents stunned by the score of 18-7 at the end of the first half.

    Jumping into the second half, Upland continued to execute at the same intensity as they did in the first half, with constant shots being made. The Lady Scots maintained their defensive plays throughout the third quarter. As a result, the Highlanders held their lead with a score of .

    During the final quarter, the Lady Scots resumed their executions within offense and defense, which truly paid off. Due to Upland’s consistency, the Regents could really only resort to their defense, in an attempt to survive the last quarter. At the end of the night, the Highlanders won the game with a 41-point lead against the St. Lucy’s Regents.

    With the girls playing relentlessly all throughout the night, Upland finished off the game with an exceptional win. As the team all played cohesively, the leading offensive player of the night was Jada Pigoni, scoring 14 points throughout the game. Alexis Sanchez and Diamond Bishop also had significant stats, as Sanchez scored ten points and seven assists. Bishop scored nine points, with ten rebounds. Upland averaged around 14 points each quarter, while St. Lucy’s averaged 4 points per quarter. The following day, the head coach, Coach Butler said, “I thought we played well; we did what we needed to do. They’re not the most talented team so it was a good win for us.”

    In anticipation for their following game against the Chino Hills Huskies, Coach Butler discussed what preparations the ladies will be taking. Butler said, “We play Chino Hills next and they are very good. We need to make sure that defensively that we bring a lot of energy and that we know where their better players are. Offensively, we just have to knock down some open shots.”

    Last Friday night, the Highlanders then took on the Chino Hills Huskies and was victorious in the incredibly close game. The ladies ended the night with a final score of 43-41.

    The Lady Scots’ next game is tonight at 4:45, where they will take on the Etiwanda Eagles, here at UHS.


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