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The Science Behind Love
Posted by: Stacy Little Published: 2/14/17


             By: Hailey Higley; The Plaid Staff Writer

    What is love? Love can be classified as an emotion, a color, or anything a person wants it to be. There are many chemicals in a person’s brain that trigger different emotions. According to Science Daily,  “Dopamine creates feelings of euphoria while adrenaline and norepinephrine are responsible for the pitter-patter of the heart.” The Law of Attraction is best explained by mindbodygreen.com, which believes that, “You attract what you are.” So, it is important to focus on the message being sent out to the universe or as mindbodygreen.com states, “You create a reality that is a reflection of you.”

     When it comes to people, they have certain actions when they’re in love. “You can tell someone is in love by the sparkle in their eyes and how they light up, when they talk about the person they love,” said Sophomore, Haley Robley-Plant. Many people say that they believe in love at first sight, while others do not. “Most believe that they have to get to know the person before they can say that they love them. The same holds for whether complete opposites attract or not. Most would not agree and feel that they have to have something in common with their partner to keep a lasting relationship,” said Robley-Plant.

    When asked what a soulmate is, people have various ideas. Sophomore, Haley Robley-Plant expressed her idea of a soulmate as being, “Someone you always have a connection with.” There are also many key tips to keeping a long, healthy relationship. Senior, McKayla Starnes said, “Trust, communication, loyalty, support and love. The keys are what keep a long, healthy relationship, as well as believing in each other. A soulmate is not always someone they are in a relationship with either. A soulmate can also be someone they are best friends with.”