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Girls’ Soccer: Socking It To St. Lucy’s
Posted by: Stacy Little Published: 2/2/17

By: Destinee Mondragon, The Plaid, Staff Writer and 

Nicoletta Domicolo The Plaid, Staff Photographer


The Girls’ Varsity Soccer team proved to be the best when playing against Saint Lucy's on Tuesday, winning with the score of two to zero. The Highlanders demonstrated an excellent game in keeping possession of the ball the majority of the game and having an unstoppable defense. The Saint Lucy’s girls were witness to the fact that the Highlanders can take the heat at anytime of the game and return an attack ten times stronger.

    The Highlanders were not fully attacking in the beginning of the quarter because they were sizing up Saint Lucy’s play. The game began to pick up with the Highlander offense by pressing the Saint Lucy’s players and maintaining ball possession, as demonstrated by Senior, Lupita Cabanillas, forward. Senior Captain, Natalie Copenhaver played an outstanding forward game, by attacking the Lucy’s goal and dribbling back in forth, for a clear shot, in the effort to make a goal.

    There was a near-shot, play-by-play, between Senior midfielder, Maya Cornejo and forward Cabanillas, which left the crowd at the edge of their seats and cheering the girls on more.  There was an outstanding goal that was first attempted by Captain Copenhaver but was quickly recovered and made by Senior, Brenda Maldonado, at minute nineteen, in the first quarter. The Saint Lucy’s players tried their hardest to break into the hard defense of the Highlanders but couldn’t find a clear shot by defender, Senior Captain, Alyssa Pigoni and blocks, by Junior keeper, Maddie Soto.  

    For the second quarter, the game for Saint Lucy’s was a desperate charge to the goal, in effort to score, but the Highlanders proved strong and determined to defend their territory on the field. Sophomore, Alyssa Duke chipped the ball up, far to the left, in a nice effort but was quickly recovered by freshman, Marin Whieldon. As the game progressed, Saint Lucy’s began to play more and more dirty with whistles and warnings being called at players. There was a yellow flag against Saint Lucy’s, with an opportunity for the Highlanders, which was not wasted. Sophomore, Chase Bibbey passed the ball to Captain, Copenhaver, who made the shot. Freshman, Marin Whieldon had a underdog moment in the game, with Freshman, Kaya Pigoni recovering the ball and making a perfect pass to Whieldon, who attempted a cross-cage shot but barely missed it. During the last ten minutes of the game, everything was intensified because Saint Lucy’s was trying everything in its arsenal to make at least one goal but the game finished with the Highlanders winning, with a score of two to one.

    Senior Captain, Natalie Coppenhaver commented on what her expectations of this season, when she said, “I knew we were going to be hardworking team with a lot of talented new players because we had something to prove compared to last season.” When comparing this season with the past four seasons she said, “We are a lot younger team compared to past seasons and we have the same goal which is win baseline league and just give it your all on the field.” Since it is Captain Copenhaver’s last season she said, “I am really honored to be captain and to lead the team on and off the field.” The message she wants to leave for the team is that, “I would like to say that hard work prevails over anything else and go on the field and have fun and do what you love.”