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Boys' Varsity Soccer Bit By The Huskies 2-1.
Posted by: Stacy Little Published: 1/19/17

Destinee Mondragon & Haley Seiberling The Plaid Staff Writers and Nicolletta Domicolo The Plaid Staff Photographer   

     Despite the best efforts of the Boys’ Varsity Soccer team, they lost to the Chino Hills Huskies on Tuesday, by a score of 2-1. The Varsity team demonstrated strong defense and offensive skills; however, it was not enough to take down the Huskies.

    In the first quarter, the Highlanders showed great defensive backbone, with players such as Senior, Chase Hargrove and saves made by Sophomore, Cameron Walker. Senior Captain, Tyler Schrock dribbled and pressured the Huskies all throughout the quarter. Schrock’s multiple attempts at goals, however, only resulted in crossbar shots. Senior player, Joaquin Jaime was fouled multiple times throughout the game, playing both offence and defense. After many close calls, the Huskies received a yellow card and the Highlanders gained a free shot. It was a close shot but did not result in a goal.

    There was a lot of body banging between both teams. However, the Huskies played a tactical offense. Coach Diaz called for his players to put up a more aggressive defense and a precise offense.  The first quarter ended with no scores by either team.

    The Highlanders seemed determined to bring their A-game for the second quarter. However, the Huskies’ aggression on the field was hard to miss. There were some questionable plays, which seemed to be missed or ignored by the referee. However, the crowd did not miss them and called out, protesting their frustration.  Players, like Schrock and Jaime, tried desperately to make a goal, only to have their attempts end with whistles being blown and re-positioning for the Highlanders.  Senior goalie, Jose Salgado did an outstanding job at blocking crossbar shots. In the middle of the second quarter, the team barely missed a goal attempt by the Huskies.

     After a couple of turnovers of the ball, the Huskies made their second goal, which forced the Highlanders to try to pick up their pace. But it was not until near the end of the game that the Highlanders finally scored. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to pull out a win against the Huskies. The final score for the game was 2-1. Despite the loss, the Boys’ Varsity team is not discouraged and eagerly looks forward to taking on their next opponent.